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17 years of experience in the maintenance


Green Shirts provides services to residential homeowners and commercial office buildings in Dubai and surrounding communities. Green Shirts will provide quality workmanship and customer satisfaction in a friendly and timely manner with no surprises to the customer by providing accurate estimates, consulting and signing off with the client before any additional work not included within the original estimate is commenced.

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Commercial Service

Web Designer 95%
Web Designer 85%
Web Designer 86%
Air Conditioning
Web Designer 89%

Our company comprises of carefully selected technicians who have relevant maintenance experience in Dubai. Our team is trained to serve your maintenance needs as promptly and courteously as possible. On time and involved Customer service has always been our No.1 priority and we are proud that Green Shirts has earned the reputation of providing highly qualified & well-equipped staff.

2500 +

Toilets Installed

2500 +

Leaky Faucets Fixed

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