Slide Renovation & Modification Works GREEN SHIRTS RENOVATIONS is a family business of the highest integrity. We deliver quality renovations and home improvements at a fair price.

GREEN SHIRTS RENOVATIONS is a complete renovation company serving the Dubai, UAE.

GREEN SHIRTS RENOVATIONS is your one stop for all your home improvement needs. We handle your complete renovation, or just part of it, the choice is yours. We will be there for you from initial consultations and planning, right through to complete finishing and decorating.

We bring a "consumer first" approach to the renovation business, offering you protection, flexibility, more control and peace of mind. A large part of our success depends on referring customers who have discovered our value added quality workmanship, making for an enjoyable home improvement experience.
Air Conditioning green shirts Dubai

Slide Electrician Green Shirts Dubai Electrician Today’s technology demands that individuals hire a reliable electrician. This is because of the growing variety of gadgets and other items like switches, various types of wiring, electrical boxes and circuit breakers which can be found on the market.

These gadgets tend to trick people into thinking they can install many of these things themselves, which isn’t always the case. At the same time, more households now employ digital systems at home to make life easier. However, questions can rise when a breakdown happens.

This leaves today’s tools practically useless without a knowledgeable person that understands how to properly repair them. Hence, a number to immediately call has become a necessity in order to get in touch with someone who can fix these types of problems, like that of a San Diego Electrician.

Slide Plumber Green Shirts Dubai Plumber Plumbing problems can be complicated, especially if you are unfamiliar with the way your family’s plumbing system works. You need someone who is willing to take the time to explain the problem and the solution to you. Our plumbing technicians pride ourselves on our honesty, our professionalism, and our reliability.

Although we strongly believe our plumbing service will give you the high quality and professional results that you want, we encourage all our customers to thoroughly research us before scheduling an appointment. We are confident that our previous clients will have only positive opinions about us.

Slide handyman Green Shirts Dubai Handyman As a renowned Green Shirts Handyman company, we provide the most reliable, honest,
all-encompassing handyman services in Dubai area.

Our team of multi-skilled handymen in London guarantee that the job will be done on time, to the highest standards. Our handyman services include joinery, plumbing, decorating, flooring and plastering.

Do you need help with housework? Some small repairs required at your house and

Slide Swimming pool repair works Green Shirts Dubai Swimming Pool Maintenance Whether it's a simple cosmetic repair or a complex overhaul, swimming pool renovations and services are our specialty.
Our capabilities range from minor repairs to complete renovation projects. We warranty our work against flaws in materials and craftsmanship. All work is completed by professional technicians, using quality materials and equipment.
Does your pool need an upgrade?
Is your pool covered with stains is it discolored or peeling?
Swimming Pools often have wear and damage from excessive or just normal usage.
You can keep your pool looking its best and safe from chemicals and the environment buy having it replasterd. You will not know the importance remodeling/replastering can make until you experience the difference yourself.
From redesigning to maintaining the pool of your dreams we offer a complete range of services involving many types of work to affect a lasting change to your swimming pool as well as your lifestyle.
We are your source for quality in-ground pool repair and care.

Slide Smart Home Devices Installation Green Shirts Dubai Smart Home Devices Installation Home automation products are products and services that control one's home by using a keypad, computer, smart phone, or other device to connect to the home system. It allows the homeowner to access home automation devices even when they are away. These devices can be programmed to control lights, adjust the thermostat, arm and disarm security alarms, and even control music throughout the house.

Home automation systems are different and prices vary in home automation products; but they are worth the price for the convenience of monitoring and securing ones home from anywhere in the world. Using home automation products can save money, save energy, and even save lives. Home automation products can control the environment of one's home by turning lights on and off on a regular schedule, by lowering the thermostat at night and when everyone is gone for the day, and by turning on soothing music after a long work day. Depending on the product, these items can be customized by any need or desire that one wants to fulfill.

Slide renovation work Green Shirts Dubai Renovation Work Great Works Renovations is skilled in all aspects of residential renovations. Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen, bathroom or completely finish your basement, we can complete the project on time and on budget.

Renovating your commercial space can make all the difference for your business. With the right renovations your space can take on an atmosphere akin to your business and you will have a useable space that fits your specific needs.

Slide Water Tank Cleaning Green Shirts Dubai Water Tank Cleaning We are the leading service provider for water tank cleaning in Dubai. We understand that impure water is dangerous towards health. It causes chronic diseases, skin allergies, and other serious health problems. Our prime focus is to provide quality cleaning services to get rid of algae, insects, pollutants and other harmful agents from the water tank.

We hereby provide 100% customer satisfaction to our clients. We are customer focus oriented company and updated with the latest technologies and innovation. We work regularly on our techniques to resolve the emerging problems. We maintain excellent service through our professional approach. We deliver job within the stipulated time period.

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